Tooraj Saberivand

Minimalist Designer

He believes in minimalism not only as a paradigm of design, but also as a lifestyle.
Touraj writes and criticizes in newspapers and is a social activist, too. He threw two thousand paper boats at water in memory of the two thousand Syrians who drowned while running away from war.

Amirhossein Erfani

Digital Artist

He is a well-known Iranian digital artist.
Amirhossein founded Iran’s Digital Arts Community a decade ago, as well as ACM SIGGRAPH Tehran chapter. His works inspired lots of artists to contribute to Digital Arts industry of his country.

Mohammad Azin

Educational Model Designer

Mohammad is a teacher who his studies include a diverse range of topics from Engineering to Management and Philosophy. His main concern is about educational systems. Having closely experienced hundreds of people’s lives, he has a deep understanding of tipping points in a human’s life.

Zohre Bahrol’Oloumi


She is the founder of “Origami Land” institute. She keeps promoting the art of Origami and within an inspiring move, she sent off The Iranian’s Peace message to the world, through the art of Origami, for the second time on the international day of peace.

Reza Afshar


He is the Educational Manager of Sarmad school. He has been teaching pre school & elementary school students for five years. Reza had also been teaching “huzo” in Lego Institute and then started working at “Lego Education”.
Reza is currently teaching Philosophy for Children while being eager to learn.

He also holds workshops on Parenting and Class Management at Tarbiat Pouya Institute (literally meaning Dynamic Training).

Hamid Shahbazi


Within years of teaching in university, he created a different deep connection with his students. He believes illustrating the actual position of students for them is much more important than teaching science to them.